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Flower Festival in celebration of 150 years of worship at St. Martin’s

Helen Rogers

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St Martin's Church

Founded in 1867 by Ann Hudson of Brabyns Hall, worship at St. Martin’s Church began in a simple corrugated iron construction, which developed over time into the St. Martin’s Church on Brabyns Brow that people recognise today. In June 2017, to mark 150 years of worship there, the church is celebrating this memorable occasion with a Flower Festival. 

Romiley Floral Art Guild has taken on the challenge of designing the floral works of art to be displayed amongst the artistic furnishings of St. Martin’s and, in recognition of the church as an important part of the British Arts & Crafts Movement, is planning “to enhance the existing artistic designs and interpret some of the stories from around the church”.

Flower Festival timetable:-

Thurs. 15 June:  Corpus Christi service in church, 7.30pm, Fri. 16 June: Daytime viewing of flowers in church, 10.30am-4.30pm, Evening organ recital by Dr. Gordon Stewart, 7.30pm, Sat. 17 June: Daytime viewing of flowers in church, 10.30am-4.30pm. Craft fair in the church hall, Sun. 18 June: Parish Mass at 8am and 10am, Daytime viewing of flowers in church,12.00-4.00pm, Evensong at 6.30pm when the festival will close

Flower Festival tickets cost £2 and include a drink from the church hall where refreshments will be available over the weekend.

Organ recital tickets cost £10 and include refreshments.

For further information, please phone Gillian on 0161 430 4567 or Helen on 07709544535