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Skatepark re-opens after six years

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The new Marple Skatepark

Marple skatepark has reopened, updated and upgraded after a marathon funding effort.

At last, the wait is over. Six years after the idea was first considered the last of the construction workers have left, the barriers have been removed and the brand new skatepark is open for business.

Anticipation had been mounting amongst Marple's skaters, 'boarders and BMXers as the construction neared completion. Site foreman Darren was presented with a huge bar of chocolate by two grateful onlookers as the project reached its end. Finally completed on March 28, the facility was passed safe by RoSPA and the very next day saw the first users take to the ramps. It’s fair to say the verdict has been a unanimous thumbs-up.

The £100k development, the most extensive facility of its type in the Borough, overcame a last minute hitch in funding when an unforeseen maintenance bill of £11750 was met thanks to a community funding award donated by Stockport Life Leisure.

Skatepark construction is a highly specialised industry; the various ramps, blocks and banks are carefully engineered and sculpted to allow more experienced users to fly high into the air. Concrete surfaces need to be smooth and strong while finding a predictable balance between slip and grip. Bristol-based company CANVAS Spaces Ltd have done a terrific job of fulfilling the brief. It was always intended that the park be accessible to users of all ages, and suitable for several disciplines of wheeled sports. The design allows users to smoothly traverse the area making use of a series of ramps, gently sloped and low for younger riders all the way up to vertical-lipped 'quarter pipes' and a high-sided bowl. There is plenty of space for flatland freestyle too.

Marple Skatepark

In a respectful nod to Memorial Park’s original purpose, a ramp in the shape of a poppy has been cleverly incorporated into the design.

Easter saw a celebration event take place. Friends of Marple Memorial Park held an open session at the park on Easter Sunday with a large crowd turning up to try the new amenity. A Celebration Jam was held the next day.

Marple’s skatepark really is open to all. A group of over-40s BMXers meet up on Sunday Mornings.

Marple Skatepark

Thanks in part to a grant from the Marple Area Comittee, a 'Team Extreme' professional display will be held during the upcoming carnival. Friends of Marple Memorial Park are keen to hear from any local businesses who might be interested in sponsoring what is sure to be a well-attended day.