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Prolific author Tim Ellis from Marple Bridge has published over 50 books and novellas. From being a youngster he had always wanted to write but he said, “It was difficult as life gets in the way and you have to earn your living, so I had to work instead”.

Tim Ellis

Tim was born in London but brought up in Stockport. He left school at 15 without any formal qualifications and after a series of jobs he decided to join the Army travelling the world and rising to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major. Leaving the Army in 1993 he worked for 10 years as a Bursar in a Southend Secondary School until he decided to train as a teacher. After qualifying he taught Sociology and Psychology at an all-girls Catholic Secondary School in Southend. Tim has a PhD and an MBA in Educational Management, and an MA in Education. He told me, “In 2009 I had a serious health scare and decided to retire. At this time I had already written two books and wanted to realise my dream and become an author rather than teach”. When Kindle became available Tim could self-publish his books online and he has so far sold half a million books in this way.

His original stories were historical fiction, including two about Genghis Khan but Tim said these did not sell well. He did a bit of research and the most popular genre was novels about crime and romance. Not being romantically inclined he decided to concentrate on crime. “These stories started to sell and I use my knowledge of Psychology and Criminology to inform my stories”. Before he writes he will read around the topic area and do research to incorporate ideas into his stories. It takes two months to write a book with his day beginning at 5 am and he writes solidly for three hours. “I aim to write a chapter in two to three days, with a target figure of 80,000 words a book”. He described himself as, ‘A Mind Map’ person, mapping out his characters. As they unfold many of the characters in the original story develop into subsequent books, becoming a series. He writes his stories around factual areas with two of his novellas, ‘Dark Christmas’ and ‘Dark Heart’ based in and around Manchester. Tim is currently busy writing a novel called, ‘Dark Shadows’ which will be based in Marple and should be available by August.

Tim Ellis

Tim’s books are available via Amazon or Tim’s website