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Cheers! Months of hard work pay off!

Diane Inglis

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Cheers! Friends and supporters of the Northumberland Arms.

Months of hard work have finally paid off for supporters and friends of the Northumberland Arms in Marple Bridge who have raised enough money to buy the pub from Robinsons Brewery.

They raised a staggering £298,100 through a community share offer which brought interest not only from local people connected with the pub and Marple Bridge, but also from further afield.

Former tenant, Margaret, explained: “We offered shares at £250 each and attracted interest from all over the world, including America and Barcelona, admittedly through our own contacts. 

“However when we placed the offer later in the month on to the Crowdfunding website, it went much further than people we knew and we currently have an investor from Tottenham, which shows the power of the internet.

“As a result of our success on Crowdfunder, we also received match-funding from an organisation called Big Society Capital which helps charities and groups such as ourselves, making our grand total just short of £300,000,” she said.

The money from the 200 shareholders will not only allow the Northumberland Arms community group to purchase the pub but will also pay for initial renovations for an opening event in December.

“There is a lot to be done but we are hoping that the sale will go through within six weeks and then we will modernise the downstairs area ready for to open before Christmas,” said Margaret.

The pub, known locally as The Thumb, will operate as a daytime café, bar and offer meeting rooms and other facilities for the local community.

The committee is planning to employ a chef, bar manager and café manager and further improvements are proposed to improve the first floor area to develop the business even further in the near future.