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On-line petition launched to help combat prickly problem

Susan Hampshire

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Marple Bridge Marple Stockport Council Glossop Road Kirstie Fisher Malcolm Allan

An on-line petition has been launched in Marple Bridge to ask that Stockport Council and landowners cut back overgrown hedgerows in Glossop Road.

Mum-of-two Kirstie Fisher started the petition after struggling for over 12 months to get the hedgerows cut. 

The prickly hedgerows are causing problems for people walking on Glossop Road, particular those with children and push chairs.

She said: "I have lived in this area for seven years but noticed how bad the problem was after I started walking with a push chair. My son got badly scratched trying to get past and it has become a real issue. Rather than use my car, I am trying to walk children to school but it is very difficult to get past the hedgerows without stepping in the busy road.''


Local councillor Malcolm Allan has been to see the situation for himself and suggested to Kirstie that she hand in her petition at a forthcoming meeting of Stockport Council.

"The hedgerow wasn't cut back last summer and I was told this was due to it being the bird nesting season. I kept chasing this up over winter and still nothing has happened. Not only is the hedgerow itself prickly but it is also full of long brambles. I understand that council budgets are very tight nowadays but this does need addressing.''

The petition has been set up at and Kirstie is urging local people to sign this as soon as possible. Around 80 local people have added their names to the on-line petition.