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Rusty plays golden role in family business

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Golden Labrador Gary and Georgina Burdett G Burdett Funeral Services Ltd High Lane Marple

Rusty with his family, Gary and Georgina Burdett and their daughter Autumn

Meet Rusty, a Golden Labrador who plays a key role in the family business.

At home Rusty is a much loved family pet - but he also makes a real contribution to his family's work life.

His owners Gary and Georgina Burdett who run G Burdett Funeral Services Ltd in High Lane have discovered that their six-year-old pet is a natural at putting clients at ease and helping nervous and anxious relatives to talk more freely about their funeral wishes.

Gary said: "He is such a gentle and adorable dog that people seem to love him. Rusty started coming into work with us and people just took to him straight away.

"He seems to be able to put people at ease and he just loves attention. He has been a great comfort to some families and most people seem to like him being around. He has a really positive affect. Some grieving families almost find it easier to talk to Rusty about their choices for a funeral and direct their questions and answers to him.

"Many of our clients are understandably very anxious or upset when they come to see us and Rusty seems to be a calming influence. He breaks down the barriers and helps them to relax.

"I have been out to see clients who have asked me to bring Rusty along. He is a real part of the business. Of course we understand if people do not like dogs and would obviously respect this.''

Gary and Georgina will shortly be marking their first anniversary of starting their business in Buxton Road.