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Millions Missing campaign holds poignant demonstration in Manchester.

Two years ago Ellissa Bryant from Mottram in Longdendale was representing her country in international competition. A keen indoor climber, Ellissa had Olympic aspirations, with the sport about to debut in Tokyo's 2020 games.

Everything changed in 2016, when what was first thought to be a nasty bout of 'flu led to a diagnosis of M.E. Commonly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a long-term, debilitating affliction that affects an estimated quarter of a million people in the UK. Ellissa receives specialist treatment at hospital in Salford, though the widely misunderstood condition is a symptom of an as yet unknown medical problem. 

Millions Missing

Together with her father, Charles, who is a partner in Marple Bridge Architects, Randfield Associates, twenty-year-old Ellissa is working to raise awareness about M.E and has previously arranged for the documentary film 'Unrest' to be screened at Broadbottom's Magdalene Centre. Given its UK launch at the prestigious Sheffield International Documentary Festival, the film charts the story of Harvard PhD student Jennifer Brea and her struggle with the condition. The film has also been shown at the House of Commons. 

Saturday 12th May saw hundreds of pairs of shoes arranged in Manchester's St Peter's Square. Representing the millions of sufferers worldwide – the 'millions missing' unable to live their lives as they would wish – the demonstration aimed to draw attention to their plight. 

More information about M.E and the Millions Missing movement can be found at their website: