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Jane goes to the Royal Wedding

Dianne Boardman

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Harry and Meghan’s wedding Royal Invitation Manchester Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet Queen’s Garden Party

Jane and Jack Godfrey

“I couldn’t believe it when an official Royal Invitation to Harry and Meghan’s wedding dropped through the door,” said Jane Godfrey.  “My son Jack, who is the Manchester Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for this year, had received a phone call asking if we wanted to go and he tried to keep it a secret from me, but even when he let it slip I didn’t believe him, so I was totally amazed when I opened it.”


Jane, from Glossop, had received the invitation to be one of the of the Lord Lieutenant’s 1200 guests inside the grounds of Windsor Castle.  

“We had to be there by 8 am,” she told me, “so we took an early train but there were still thousands of people around.  We wouldn’t have had a clue where to go but luckily we met one of the Buckingham Palace Tour Guides on the train who was also going to the wedding and she told us to put on the badges they’d sent with the invitation.  As soon as officials saw the badges we were led through the crowds as they had to get everyone through the tight security checks and into the grounds before the chapel guests arrived.”  

Breakfast in the sunshine

“Once inside we were free to roam the grounds, so we had a good look around and then set our blanket up in the sunshine to have breakfast and admire the outfits of the arriving guests.  I loved Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie’s, and Serena Williams the most.  Everyone was very relaxed and many waved and chatted to the crowd including Sarah Ferguson and David Beckham who made a real effort. Then suddenly around the corner came Harry and William. We got a great view and they were smiling and waving. Next came the Queen and Prince Phillip and finally, the woman we had all been waiting for, Meghan!  She was beautiful!”

“We had been given a hessian goody bag full of British gifts with a letter from Harry and Meghan thanking us for coming and an Order of Service so we were able to follow the wedding which was relayed on a Tannoy. We all cheered when they pronounced them ‘man and wife’. Champagne corks were popping everywhere. Then we saw them all come out again.  It all made me so proud to be British, the soldiers looked magnificent, and the carriage and horses so regal. We really know how to put on a show.  Harry has done his bit for our country and he deserves it.” 

Royal Wedding

Next for Jane is the Queen’s Garden Party and as for Jack, now 18, he has applied for Sandhurst, as he wants to become an army officer and is already through the first stage.