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Poems help raise money for Mental Health Charities

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Isabelle Kenyon

Young New Mills poet Isabelle Kenyon has compiled a collection of poems to raise money for mental health charities.

With mental health very much in the media at present, it is timely that this collection of poems should be published which goes to the heart of how it feels to suffer with a mental health condition. 

Inspired by her own experiences and those of friends, Isabelle is proud to launch the publication of ‘Please Hear What I’m Not Saying’ - an anthology of poems from 116 poets from around the world.

Isabelle, who works in marketing, said: "I put a call out for poems on my blog and also a shout out on Facebook and was amazed at the response I received from a very diverse audience from all over the world as well as from people in my own town of New Mills.''

She has been working on the book for around six months but it is now complete and available to buy.

"The poems cover a range of subjects from personality disorders to Alzheimer's disease,'' she said.

Isabelle is a great supporter of both the mental health charity MIND and the Joshua Nolan Foundation in Scotland which aims to reduce the number of suicides.

All profits from the book will be donated to mental health charities in the UK. Isabelle hopes that with the support of her colleagues, friends and family, and all of the poets involved in the anthology, she will raise an incredible amount for UK mental health charities, providing support and advice for anyone experiencing mental health problems.

Isabelle said: “I am thrilled and proud to have edited and compiled this anthology to raise money for charity. This has been one of the toughest, yet most thrilling projects of my life. Reading the work of so many talented poets and being granted access to their inner thoughts has been a great privilege. 

"Knowing that the money we raise will be used to improve the lives of people living with mental health problems throughout the UK is humbling. The money raised will fund vital work such as helplines, advice services and campaigning.”

The book is available to buy through Amazon in both in paperback and Kindle formats, worldwide. Isabelle is also hoping her book may be on sale soon in a major book retailer.

To support Isabelle’s charity book release, please visit

Two of Isabelle's own poems can be read below.

The Womb

By Isabelle Kenyon

I want to go home

rocking child inside,

orphan – adult

the umbilical cord is cut

I’m free (let me go back inside).


Social Media invented Self Love

By Isabelle Kenyon

I’m not very good at this self love thing.

I always look for strangers,

thinking they could do it better,

and I don’t post about it online,

I forget,

I’m no use,

that girl with the juice blender and the personal trainer is far ahead of me –

that’s why people pay her

to promote beauty products

so other people can buy them

and love themselves too.