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Thank you for the Memories

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Geoff Morten Whaley Bridge Thank you for the Memories

Local author Geoff Morten

Ninety-six-year-old farmer Geoff Morten from Whaley Bridge has written his fifth book. Thank you for the Memories follows young Geoff the butcher’s boy on his delivery rounds among the local farms and villages during the 1930s.

Geoff Morten

He has stories to tell of customers, friends and relations from Taxal, Fernilee, Combs, Bugsworth, Kettleshulme and beyond. ‘I got to know most of the farming families around here, and a lot of other folk besides, and they are as real to me today as if they’d walked in to sit by my fireside,’ says Geoff. 

Thank you for the Memories is available from Fernmoss Pet Supplies in Whaley Bridge, Halls Mica and the NFU Mutual in Chapel, and from Geoff himself at Bings Farm. All profits from the sale of the book go to Daniel’s Light, which supports cancer treatment and research at the Christie Hospital.