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Marple Neighbourhood plan ready to view

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A full draft of the Marple Neighbourhood Plan is now available to view.

It can be seen on `Our Marple Plan ' website and comments are very welcome.

Those who have been instrumental in drawing up the plan want to know if it is addressing the right issues, if anything has been missed etc. All feedback is important.

This is the first stage in preparing the plan which will help to shape Marple for the next 20 years. Marple is one of various local communities who are taking advantage of this new opportunity to shape their town and address issues such as housing policies, Green Belt, local roads and facilities.

Once the Plan is written, local people will be asked to vote and if more than 50% agree with the Plan's proposals, it will be adopted by Stockport Council and will influence planning policies and decisions that affect Marple.

Marple Neighbourhood Plan

The draft is just the first stage - and everyone is welcome to take part in the on-line survey or submit a paper copy.

The plan has been written by a group of residents and councillors who make up the Marple Neighbourhood Forum.

Forum members are currently looking at various local issues - town centre and retail, pride in Marple, getting around, community space, housing and development, heritage and tourism, employment and education.

Overall the vision for Marple is to encourage it to grow and continue as an attractive community to live and work in or to visit. It character and heritage means it is a small town with a village feel.

Go to the website now to complete the on-line survey.