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New team to help older people live independent lives

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Derbyshire County Council Adult Care Councillor Jean Wharmby

A new team is to be recruited by Derbyshire County Council to improve care for older people.

This is one of a number of measures designed to reduce delays in getting people home from hospital, support independent care providers and give older people a greater choice in their care.

The proposed new in-house scheduling team would operate seven days a week, organising the work of Derbyshire County Council’s care workers in the community who help older and disabled people live independently in their own homes.

This is all part of a wider plan by the county council to support NHS seven day working.

 Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Care Councillor Jean Wharmby said:

“The county council is committed to helping older and disabled people live independent, fulfilled and dignified lives by supporting them in their own homes for as long as possible.

“By focusing our own in-house care teams on shorter term work, we’ll be helping to make sure people don’t have to stay in hospital longer than they need to or go into hospital unnecessarily.''

She praised the work of the many private, voluntary and independent care providers that already carry out excellent work across Derbyshire.