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Campaign to raise funds for New Mills schoolgirl gathers pace

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Sorrel Hutchins New Mills arts group Sarah Day-Smith Alana Clark Combs Infant School

Seven year old Sorrel Hutchins has always liked to keep herself active, whether taking part in horse-riding, camping or her favourite theatre workshop, Take Part In The Art.

A popular member at the New Mills arts group, Acting Tutor Sarah Day-Smith describes Sorrel as: “A little star. Her positive energy and determination to take part in every aspect of singing, acting and dancing is a true inspiration to everyone she meets.”

Sorrel Hutchins

A lover of dance, Sorrel would like more than anything to be a ballerina, an ambition she has expressed on several occasions to Ballet Teacher Alana Clark. Working with her during summer school, Alana saw her eyes light up with excitement when she sat down and danced with her, adding:

“She loved it even more when some of the other children joined in too, you could

see pure enjoyment on her face whilst she was dancing.”

Born three months premature, Combs Infant School pupil Sorrel was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby. From an early age she has shown impressive determination in ensuring the condition doesn't hold her back. With a keen interest in nature and the environment, Sorrel enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. While at nursery, she was measured for a specially-adapted wheelchair (similar to those used by para-athletes, with a front wheel attached for for extra stability) that enabled her to join in with her friends' games in the playground. Now a little older, she has outgrown it and really needs a new one.

Sorrel Hutchins

Sorrel has been measured for a new trike, and a campaign has been launched to raise the necessary funds to pay for it and some associated safety equipment. A family friend, Brett Shelton, took part in the MBNA Chester Marathon on October 7 and support is growing across the New Mills community. On the evening of Thursday October 25, a capacity crowd packed New Mills Football Club where a Quizit event was held in aid of the appeal. Organised by Visit New Mills, Quizits are competitive quiz nights held at different venues in the town raising money for local causes. Thanks to the generosity of the teams, a three figure sum was added to the pot. Sorrel is grateful for everyone's efforts so far; in her own words: "I am glad that some kind people have raised some money for my trike so that I can charge around and play superheroes with my friends. Thank you everybody!"

Donations can be made through the JustGiving crowdfunding website, which aims to reach the £3000 required. Clearly a very determined young lady, Sorrel hopes to quickly raise the necessary amount.