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Community Pulls Together to Support Red Box Project

Gabrielle Pickard Whitehead

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Red Box Project Labour Group Stockport Council Marple Seed Cafe Marple Methodist Church

No girl should have to miss school because she has her period. Sadly, as many as one in ten girls miss out on their education because they cannot afford sanitary products. 

Aimed at stamping out the detrimental effects of period poverty is the Red Box Project. The initiative was launched in March 2017 by three friends who wanted to provide young women in their local area access to sanitary products.

The project has been escalating across the country and there are now 1500 red boxes providing sanitary products and more than 1400 donations points throughout the UK. 

Marple has become involved in the initiative, with a group of local women setting up the Marple Red Box Project, which quickly generated support from the community. 

The project is supported by the Labour Group on Stockport Council, which has been working hard to increase awareness of period poverty, including supporting schools to address the issue through the curriculum. 

The Marple Red Box Project has a drop off point at the Seed Café at the Marple Methodist Church, which has been receiving lots of donations. Marple Guides have become involved in the project, collecting donations and doing work on period poverty as part of their wider activities in forthcoming months. 

Marple’s One Fit Mama instructor Lianne Beever, who set up exercise classes in Marple for new mums, is also collecting Red Box donations through her One Fit Mama exercise classes. 

Red Boxes were recently installed at Marple Hall and Werneth Schools. The project’s organisers hope they will be able to supply primary schools in the area as well. 

Claire Vibert, a mum of three in Marple, teamed up the Stockport coordinators, Jill Ogden, Sarah Murch and Rebecca Ward, to launch the project locally. 

Claire spoke of the importance of the Red Box Project initiative in helping alleviate period poverty that is affecting so many girls and young women in Britain. 

“I’d heard about the growing problem of period poverty and couldn’t believe that in the UK so many girls are missing school because they can’t afford sanitary protection. 

“The Red Box Project is such a great idea. It’s so simple but can make a huge difference to girls in period poverty by enabling them to attend school. I’ve been really impressed by the support from the local community so far, and by the commitment of the Labour Group on Stockport Council to tackle this growing problem,” Claire told the Marple Review. 

You can find out more, donate, or put the Marple Red Box Project team in touch with a school that would like a box, on Facebook @redboxmarple